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Appreciation Post of Justice

I love the babies in Sims 2 and I took quite a few screenshots of little Justice. ❤


Just Because..

Nothing much. I moved the Bach family away from the trailer to a different lot in Mayhaven. Well, that and I wanted to test the ocean deco floor texture replacement that I was working on a while back to see how it looked from the a lot view. Needless to say, I think it turned out well.

When All Goes Wrong

Sometimes, the baby items work, but prepare yourself for glitches too.

Bach Baby #4 Arrives


Zoey: “Oh my plumbob!! Dammit Justinian.. this is torture!!”

Justinian: “Zoey, you will pull through. Everything will be fine, Babe!”

Zoey: “Shut up!!”

The maid: “Need any assistance?”

Zoey: “So.. you ‘re an EMT too then?”

The maid: “Well, umm.. no..”

Zoey: “Then you can fuck off.. this doesn’t concern you…”

Justinian: “She uh.. she didn’t me-mean it.. Please uh.. continue your job, okay?”

The maid: “Rude as fuck… but whatever.. this is why women scare me..”

-Moments later-

Zoey gives birth to a baby girl. Meet Justice Bach. She definitely has her father’s skin tone and hair color.

Nobody Likes You

Sure enough, Zelda was plotting against Zerina and Joshua since they left her out.

So This Happens…


Zoey: “You removed the hand cuffs from my heart for being so bad.”

Justinian: “Ooh.. do go on, Babe…”

Well, Zoey’s hormones are definitely kicking in. ^^;

Boomin’ Baby Moment

Presenting: Parenting 101 with the Justinian and Zoey. ❤


The Irony

What did you expect, Justinian? You brought it upon yourself eating food that spoiled and yet, you work as a dish washer. -smh-

For the record, I didn’t make him eat the rotten food. The game did that on its own.

One of Those Evenings


Joshua: “Well, this was fun, but I’m going to go outside and try to spot any UFOs.”

Classmate: “If you get abducted, be sure to write me.”

Zerina: “Umm.. guys? There will be no abducting, okay? Mommy and daddy will be sad to see you leave, Joshua.”

Joshua: “You care? At least someone does.”

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